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Orillia Boiler Removal and Boiler System Dismantling

Boiler Removal for industrial, commercial and residential clients in and around Orillia and Southern Ontario.

We are Orillia's boiler removal, boiler dismantling, radiator removal and boiler disposal experts. We are capable of dismantling and removing large commercial boilers as well as dismantling and removing smaller residential heating system boilers. There is no job too small or too large… whether its' a 300 lb. steel boiler removal or an old 5 ton cast iron boiler dismantling and removal job, a steam boiler, a hot water boiler, or heating system boiler, we remove them all. Let us do the heavy lifting. We'll dismantle your old boiler and remove that old boiler

We specialize in the removal of large boilers that need to be dismantled, cut up and removed in pieces. We are also licenced and have the necessary training and equipment to remove asbestos from the boiler before dismantling and removing the boiler from your Orillia home or business.

Photo of a commercial boiler insulated with asbestos in Orillia, Ontario

Our Orillia Boiler Tank Removal Services

  • Industrial Boiler Removal in Orillia
  • Commercial Boiler Removal in Orillia
  • Residential Boiler Removal in Orillia
  • Boiler Cutting and Removal
  • Boiler Dismantling
  • Orillia Boiler Tank Removals
  • Hydronic Boiler System Removal
  • Boiler and Boiler Pipe Asbestos Removal
  • Steam Boiler Removal
  • Boiler Systems Removal
  • Dismantle Cast Iron Boiler in Orillia
  • Dismantle Commercial Boiler in Orillia
  • Dismantle Industrial Boiler in Orillia
  • Dismantle Residential Boiler in Orillia
  • Boiler Dismantling
  • Home Boiler Removal
  • Cast Iron Boiler Removal
  • Old Boiler Removal
  • Water Boiler Removal
  • Boiler Asbestos Insulation Removal

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Why we are the right choice for Orillia Boiler Removals

Photo of the ECO Metal Recycling Service Truck Here are a few reasons why Eco Metal Recycling Inc is the best boiler removal company to use for Boiler Removals in Orillia

  • On time arrival
  • We use more drop sheets than any other company to insure your home or business is well protected
  • Technicians are TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) Certified with OTB3 & OTB2 licenses.
  • WSIB Registered
  • TSSA – Certified Company Contractor
  • MTO – MP3 Dangerous goods transportation licensed and Insured
  • Proud Member of CARI “Canadian Association Recycling Industry”
  • Team Technicians are Professional, Polite and respectful
  • Liability insurance
  • Eco environmentally friendly process

Radiator System Dismantling in Orillia

We can also remove your old steel and cast iron radiators while we are removing the boiler.

Boiler Removal FAQs

Photo of Asbestos Covered Boiler Piping

  1. If a Boiler has asbestos on it, is it safe for the homeowner to be in the residence at the time of asbestos removal?
    -Yes! The area containing the boiler to be removed is enclosed by plastic drop sheet to prevent contamination by asbestos fibres and dust in other areas of the premises; In addition we use a negative air pressure vacuum in the room being serviced.
  2. How are boilers removed?
    -Depending on what type of boiler you have; most boilers can be removed in sections. Some boilers contain asbestos in the bottom of the firepot, which will be removed using industry standard asbestos removal methods. Typically boiler removal is messy due to old water in the system. We combat this by using drop sheets and other absorbents. Our Customers often comment, "It looks cleaner than before the job was done!"

Boiler Asbestos Removal in Orillia

Photo of an old boiler insulated with asbestos Boiler Insulation Removal - Asbestos was commonly used in boiler and boiler pipe insulating materials prior to 1980. We provide boiler asbestos removal and boiler pipe asbestos removal for all Orillia residential, commercial & industrial buildings. With most boiler removal jobs we must first remove the asbestos from the cast iron boiler before actually removing the boiler from the home or building.

This asbestos must be safely removed and disposed by a qualified and certified Orillia asbestos removal expert. ECO Metal Recycling is certified for removal of asbestos type 1,2,3.

• Working on materials that contain asbestos may release the fibers into the air.
• Being exposed to small amounts over time can still have adverse health affects.
• Asbestos must be properly removed by a qualified professional in order to avoid or minimize the release of asbestos fibers into the air.
• Asbestos must be properly disposed.

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